Electron beam technology offers premium quality and cost benefits

The best possible product quality and safety is required for those who have responsibility for human lives, such as in space travel and Formula1 race and for road vehicles carrying millions of car drivers and passengers. pro-beam is most active and advanced in that most safety-critical area - the welded joint. In today’s international competitive environment we remain strongly cost-competitive while taking care to offer a flexible order processing service and address environmental concerns.

Electron beam welding has been proved under stringent conditions over many years. For a wide range of materials including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper and special materials, electron beam technology can weld parts needing neither pre-heating treatment nor post-work. Negligible welding distortion guarantees consistently high quality and exact reproducibility and avoids the need for straightening and post-work. Since more optimised part design may be used, a 30 percent material saving is often possible. These advantages are just what you need for the journey from Hamburg to Munich and the return flight to the Moon or Mars!

The first collaboration basis for pro-beam is to attend to the individual requirements of our industrial customers. If necessary we are willing and able to take on the contract of the entire process from engineering right through to the production of state-of-the-art equipment. A wide range of components can be welded, hardened, drilled or surface coated using more than 50 basic special-machine designs, customised for your particular needs by a team of expert pro-beam engineers and technicians.  If you want to get your aircraft safely to its destination or race your Formula1 racing car from the starting line up to the podium, this is the right way to reliably withstand the loads.


How do we do that? 

We develop tailor-made solutions

pro-beam works closely together with customers from concept design to material selection to detailed design and manufacturing techniques.

pro-beam thinks with and about you.


Can we do something for you…? 

Whether in small quantities or mass production, pro-beam can take responsibility for welding, hardening, drilling, coating processes for many and various industrial applications.

pro-beam can produce for you.

Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering Plant Engineering

Can we do it…? 

pro-beam equipment can be applied to various manufacturing processes from single machines to complete production systems.

We pride ourselves in delivering customer satisfaction with a guarantee of full functionality.


pro-beam can build it for you.



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Service & Maintenance
Service & Maintenance

Can we take care of it…? 

Our specialised service engineers work on-site for the maintenance and repair of your equipment and can also retro-fit and upgrade electron beam and vacuum systems. Among many other services, we can also provide you with support for spare parts management and staff training.

pro-beam looks after you.