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Electron beam welding, hardening and drilling - Power on for production

Outsourcing production with contract manufacture

There are about twenty steps needed to start a jet engine from rest to operational readiness: external power on, battery check, flight control, fuel pump on. Then the critical moment arrives when each fuel line component up to the turbine has to sustain the high pressure kerosene. Here absolute tightness and security are essential - this is just as true for the automotive industry as in aerospace. It is also relevant for a wide variety of industrial applications for components of similar mass when two hollow die-cast aluminium parts must be connected safely and permanently together with 100% leak-tightness.

After 40 years in the business, pro-beam acting as a contractor is able to undertake the complete manufacturing process from assembly to packaging and delivery for its customers. We routinely weld many special materials including copper, aluminium or titanium, even joining different materials - whether the application concerns sensitive items or mass-produced articles.... Our  modern machine shops, equipped with a comprehensive range of about 50 special machines and operated by a team of trained professionals at five manufacturing sites worldwide, work round the clock for our customers for over a quarter of a million hours a year.

You and pro-beam– a win-win situation

Our contract service enables companies who do not want to risk their own capital expenditure and possible delay to react flexibly to changing production requirements and market fluctuations.

pro-beam customers benefit from our extensive experience of implementing the latest process technology and plant engineering. For pro-beam customers this means: more power for your production.

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