Filtration processes for the food industry

pro beam meets the highest requirements

Filtration is a mechanical separation processes, which we often encounter in everyday life.  The filtration process plays an essential role in quality assurance in the food industry – where quality and hygiene requirements are a "must".

pro-beam has won the trust of many food industry users in the filtration and sieving areas. The outstanding properties of the filters produced by pro-beam meet the necessary requirements long after other processes have reached their limit.

Here is a product video from one of our customers for the production of fruit juice.



Sieves for the production of tofu

pro-beam – precision millions of times

pro-beam produces sieves for tofu production with 12 million holes per square metre.  Tofu is one of the foods with the highest quality requirements. In the tofu factory, the bright yellow, pea-sized balls are soaked so that they swell. In the next step, the soybeans are ground so that the valuable proteins can be separated from the rest of the mash.

The filtration and thus the size of the sieve holes is vital for the production of the right taste of the final product. Top quality manufacturers attach great priority that the filters used always have the highest performance.
Thanks to the electron beam technology to the pro-beam developed equipment manufactured with holes 6.5 million per hour tofu-screens - all with exactly the same diameter of 0.1 mm.




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