Insulation Technology

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The climate conditions force people more than ever to turn to insulation technology. Thermal insulation makes a significant contribution to climate protection - good insulation means lower heating costs, which means reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.
An important field of application for pro-beam electron beam technology is drilling centrifugal disks for the manufacture of glass wool for insulation technology.

Centrifugal disks for the production of glass wool

pro-beam helps climate protection!

Glass wool is one of the best insulating materials. The centrifugal disks are at the heart of the fiberisation machine for the production of wool - they are perforated at pro-beam with between 12,000 and 45,000 holes.
Only electron beam technology by pro-beam makes it possible for extremely tough metallic materials to be machined so that all of the holes have exactly the same diameter. Using insulation reduces energy needs over a long period of time, thus contributing significantly to climate protection.

See the video for the production of centrifugal disks here...

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