Paper industry

pro-beam makes possible the production of high-gloss paper

There are many applications for electron beam technology in the filtration and sieving fields where it is used in machine and plant construction.
For example, the outstanding properties of the electron beam are used for the production of high-quality paper. 

The paper industry worldwide uses the capabilities of pro-beam, especially when fibre deposition with highest purity is required during the process.

Sieves for paper machines

pro-beam refines every sheet

The paper-making production machinery used today are technically highly sophisticated. The sheet forming process takes place in the sieve section of the paper machine. The sieve therefore occupies a place of special importance in the manufacture of paper.

To meet the needs of the application markets and together with its customers, pro-beam has developed the production of ever-larger perforation baskets. pro-beam is able to offer its customers maximum security for their key products due to the existence of manufacturing facility redundancies.



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