E-mobility: The electron beam is ideally suited for copper processing

Electric mobility is currently experiencing a renaissance and is often discussed in the media and in public life.

The German Government has set the goal that, one million electric cars will be on German roads by 2020. This is an expression of the hope that the environmental impact caused by conventional motors, such as (CO2-emissions, global warming/climate change) can be counteracted, while in addition we will become more independent from fossil fuel resources.

Indeed pro-beam very actively supports this E-mobility initiative. 
A decisive role is played by copper, a material which, because of its excellent electrical conduction properties, is used in many electrical appliances.  Copper plays an important role in the production of electric cars, because the material is included in the drive train as well as in the battery and electrical distribution system.
Electron beam welding is ideal for copper processing since a fast and highly localised energy input is required to overcome the heat dispersion effect of its high thermal conductivity. The high welding speed also counteracts the heat dissipation problem.

The high energy density of the electron beam makes possible the deliberate introduction of focussed heat within a few millimetres around the fusion zone.

Copper can be welded "cold", in other words, a preheating of the parts before welding is not necessary. In addition, the strength properties of copper are not adversely affected by this "cold welding"!
Another unique advantage of electron beam welding over soldering or other welding (TIG, MIG) is that it is used without expensive welding consumables. pro-beam is a partner of many established electric car manufacturers and helps the automotive industry to make systemic changes to introduce electric mobility.

Advantages of electron beam welding of copper:

  • welding without preheating 
  • welding depths from 0.1 to 60 mm are possible 
  • no influence on the basic material
  • fine-grained structure in the melting range 
  • the most reliable of all joining methods 

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