Circuit breakers

Electron beam welded assemblies are key elements in the air circuit breakers manufactured by Siemens, used worldwide in overload protection equipment, generators and motors. The full rated current (from 1 kA up to 3.2 kA) must be transferred safely through the electron beam weld (copper/copper and copper/silver). This requirement leads to very severe production quality and reliability requirements.

The connecting bars are silver plated before being fully welded to the tungsten silver alloy contact elements. To protect the contact arms from wear, additional platelets in tungsten silver are welded on. The serial number is engraved straight after welding directly by the electron beam, ensuring full traceability of these safety-critical components.  In the last 15 years, about 50 million electron beam welds in about 900,000 units used in more than 200,000 circuit breakers have been produced using pro-beam modern automatic air-lock machines!

Since the relocation of the Siemens production from Berlin/Germany to Suzhou/China in 2006, the assemblies for the Asian market have been manufactured using pro-beam electron beam technology at Suzhou Co. Ltd in China.

pro-beam facilities in Germany are continuing to produce all units for the European market.

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