Electric Motors

Because fit-brazed constructions have limited mechanical strength, electric motor short circuit rings are being electron beam welded more and more for highly stressed applications. The complete range of shapes of copper bars can be joined to the short circuit ring with welding depths of up to 30 mm (it may even be possible up to 50 mm). Several other electron beam solutions can be implemented to assist in the production of electric motors (e.g. welding solder tags).


The following characteristics of electron beam welding are utilised:

  • complete structural connection for the optimum (lowest) electrical and thermal conductivity 
  • the component undergoes the least thermal load of all welding and soldering processes 
  • minimum component distortion 
  • maximum production process reliability by using fully automatic welding
  • highest long term structural stability of all joining methods, even at high dynamic loads
  • implementation is possible in small and large motors (up to 6 m stator length)

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