Heat sinks and heat exchangers

Electron beam welding is often employed for the production of components which are subject to high mechanical stresses and especially for components used for cooling or removing lost or process heat. The electron beam is excellent for welding all materials with high thermal conductivity such as copper, aluminum, die-cast aluminium, bronze or titanium. Because welding consumables are not required, the materials retain their base material properties of mechanical strength and thermal conductivity also after welding. The mass production costs make its use particularly suitable for die-cast aluminium with the additional advantage of the production of effectively pore-free welds. With the technical advantages of usually minimal and barely measurable weld distortion and high long-term welded joint strength, the final-machined products can be post-welded to provide finished products, bringing tremendous benefits to the process. By using I-joints, overlap seams or stitch seams, very sophisticated constructions with complex geometry and/or different materials can be manufactured. Welded joint depths from few tenths of a millimetres up to many centimetres deep can be made.  Expert technical consultation and cooperation between experienced and highly qualified pro-beam engineers and the customer provide a further essential service in order to identify all potential benefits of electron beam technology to develop the optimal product implementation.  


More practical applications for heat sinks and heat exchangers:


  • Heat exchanger for independent vehicle heaters (WEBASTO)
  • Electric motors with internal cooling system.  
  • Cooled cylinders for rotary printing presses (KBA) 
  • Continuous casting roll
  • cooled aluminium structures for lithography equipment (Carl Zeiss, ASML)



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