Charge controller housings for electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles

Up to 3 kW of heat rejected by the power electronics needs to be dissipated during the fast but smooth charging of electric vehicle batteries. The water cooling system required to remove this heat cannot be manufactured using cheap aluminum die casting technology. A "one-piece" electron beam welded housing of the separate lid and housing, produces a fully welded joint and thereby optimal heat conduction. Both parts can be machined and processed before welding with a total of about 700 mm weld length per housing, delivering a finished component for the final assembly of the power electronics. This solution is not only cheaper than bolted covers but, most importantly, also delivers a lifetime guarantee for a permanent leak-tight seal.

pro-beam has worked together with KOSTAL, a company in the forefront of vehicle technology, to install in the VW Golf GTE series  the first ever battery chargers with aluminium die cast welded housings.

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Charge controller housings for electric vehicles

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