Lightweight construction - one of the most important key requirements:

Electron beam and aluminium - a connection with a future!

Against the background of the ever-increasing importance of energy and resource efficiency, lightweight materials are being used to reduce resource depletion and pollutant emissions while improving comfort, safety standards, and material recycling in industry sectors such as automotive, air and space and other industries using lightweight construction.

Due to their low density, aluminium alloys are finding increasingly wide applications in industry.  The electron beam is a very suitable welding process for this material group, because the electrons are completely absorbed into this material. Optimal welding qualities result from the very slender seams combined with the possibility of high welding depths (up to 200 mm). In addition, the physical properties of modern high-strength aluminium alloys are readily maintained using electron beam processing.

In the automotive industry, the drive towards lightweight solutions and also drive train improvements can be combined by using electron beam technology. It is not a question of "either or", but can be "both at the same time"!  
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