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Customised engineering and scientific R&D for a wide range of industries


Simpler production? Cheaper fabrication? Higher quality? New materials? More security? Leaner processes? After its inception, pro-beam carried out a very thorough period of review and investigation. The answers which came out of this process provided the basis for the development and optimisation of many production processes. Industries involved aerospace for the production of aircraft and missile components, and also included machine and plant construction, for example in the manufacture of tofu sieves. E-Beams can be used for welding, hardening, drilling and surface coating. Difficult-to-weld special materials such as special and duplex steels, titanium, aluminum, copper, die-cast aluminium and nickel-based alloys can be welded successfully.


Using state-of-the-art engineering and design, working together with clients,       pro-beam engineers and technicians optimise existing machines and equipment. We carry out the design, select materials, manufacture and procure and finally install production facilities; from single machines up to an entire production chain including the complete systems and control technology.


pro-beam is working continuously on new solutions concerning materials and combinations of materials which have not yet been welded successfully.

pro-beam customers can tap directly into a comprehensive knowledge pool of electron beam technology derived from over 40 years of experience in the technology and know-how from a unique spectrum of electron beam systems. The development of products with improved characteristics makes the whole manufacturing process easier, more efficient and effective.

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