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The co-operation between pro-beam technical competences, implemented using their expertise in process engineering, and the various customer needs has resulted in the development of a unique and wide range of electron beam systems.

A team of pro-beam technicians specialised in process engineering solutions and engineers with a broad knowledge of materials and their properties is available for consultation about welding and hardening process issues. Over the last 40 years of contract manufacturing a wide palette of solutions and approaches have been collated and are the subject of continual development and upgrade. The latest developments in plant and control technology now enable pro-beam to weld and process materials and combinations previously not considered possible. The electron beam becomes a smart and swift tool with such refinements as multi-beam, multi-tasking, flexible focus or pulse technology, providing our experts with great opportunities to implement even the most demanding welding and hardening tasks. Whether difficult-to-weld steels, die-cast aluminium, nickel-based alloys, or duplex steels, our specialists can deliver a solution using our electron beam tool.

Our customers get the chance to fully test and approve the delivered welding samples or prototypes to demonstrate the technical feasibility and complete the engineering phase.

When all technical and commercial requirements have been met, the product life cycle is continued, depending on the volume needed, with the pro-beam contract service or using the customers own machine. Construction, process and plant engineering industries have all used these excellent solutions.

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