Into space with Ariane 5

Fabrication for space and earth

Since 1996 with around 50 lift-offs Ariane 5, weighing 775 tons, has been the workhorse of the European aerospace fleet - and a great success story. The 60-metre long rocket has a reliability of more than 95 percent, impressively demonstrating the quality of European engineering with the complex interplay of different components and the perfect crafting of materials under extreme loads. Large shaped castings are included, which have to be bent and formed.

For example, the cathedral, the hemispherical end of the middle stage, requires, as a semi-finished product, a six-metre aluminum plate to be reshaped. But production facilities which can produce such "semi-finished plates" as cast are rare and the production is expensive.

Today, using pro-beams large electron welding chamber, it is possible to produce a six times twelve metre component by joining smaller parts. The weld zones maintain the same deformation behaviour as the base material without any further heat treatment.
The result: the availability of components is increased, the use of raw materials decreases and thus overall costs are reduced. It is possible to readily process a wide variety of engineering materials and their alloys including aluminium, steel, titanium, copper and nickel.

pro-beam has successfully developed production machines for installation in the factories of its customers. Machines delivered after manufacture and commissioning by pro-beam include not only equipment for welding single parts, drilling, hardening and surface treatment but also machines for component heating - tailored to suit the machinery set-up of the customer or as a turnkey system solution.

pro-beam supports its customers after the purchase of the electron beam system with a 15-strong service team offering comprehensive support for the plant with regular maintenance until the end of its life.

pro-beam systems performance

  • Exceptionally stable process parameters 
  • Secure process reproducibility
  • Flexible solutions for process automation
  • Top quality control and monitoring using intelligent tools  
  • Very high machine availability 
  • Maintenance-friendly concepts and designs

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