Electron Beam Technology - the key to success

pro-beam welds many different material combinations

Competitiveness often depends directly on improved materials to make products more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, lighter or more functional - for many companies new material combinations are the key to success.

Electron beam technology makes uniquely possible a reliable connection or surface finishing of most metals, even those with very different properties including steel, titanium, aluminium, copper and other special materials.

The electron beam really is an all-purpose tool characterised by the utmost precision, flexibility, reproducibility and high efficiency. It can be used for welding, hardening, drilling and coating of metallic workpieces.

Using over 50 machines, qualified pro-beam engineers and technicians are continuously optimising the processing of a wide variety of components covering a huge range of sizes - as a customer you can benefit from this vast experience to help you to track down a custom-tailored equipment construction for yourself!

Many Formula 1 racing cars which have to withstand the heavy loading from the starting line to the podium and aircraft which reach their goals safely are relying on this pro-beam technology.

Use pro-beam for

  • absolute precision 
  • high speed 
  • minimal thermal distortion




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