Electron Beam Systems Aerospace

Electron beam technology is a reliable partner for aerospace

Electron beam welding meets the highest requirements of the industry standards

Electron beam welding, a well-established joining processes in the aeronautics and space industries, is specialised in welding a variety of material combinations, particularly nickel based super-alloys and titanium alloys. Custom-made electron beam equipment for the task of welding and machine concepts produces very efficient processing capability.

Using small or large chamber machines with internal or external EB generators, the machine configuration can be optimally adapted to the desired components.

Multi-axis manipulators with multiple splitting functionality of the electron beam leads to optimised flexible control of the work area.

Intelligent functions such as automatic beam adjustment, bead following systems and routines for weld quality evaluation support the process and assure the required quality parameters.

pro-beam benefits



  • customised equipment solutions for every component size 
  • each equipment conception optimally designed 
  • machine designs tried and tested for many years in contract manufacturing 
  • maximum machine availability 
  • maintenance-friendly facility components



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