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EADS Satellite tanks

Satellites are "pro-beamed" in space

In 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, the Sputnik series, heralding the satellite boom.

Today, hundreds of satellites are orbiting the earth. They make possible telephone calls, television and the internet and have become indispensable for our modern lifestyle.  But each satellite has a limited life span. The technical relevance of each satellite is limited together with its fuel supply for the required position corrections. A repair-free useful life of â satellite is typically up to 10 years and so demands the highest quality requirements, especially for their fuel tanks.

For this reason EADS Astrium uses pro-beam electron beam technology for the production of fuel tanks for satellite applications.

The large, hollow tanks are made from thin titanium sheets with only a small opening in the fuel management system to evacuate the trapped volume, resulting in evacuation times of up to 10 hours. 

Since this would block the machine for other jobs, pro-beam solved the problem by designing a chamber extension separated by an internal, vacuum-tight door from the main chamber. The tank is placed in the chamber extension for the controlled vacuum cycle while the main chamber is used for the welding of other parts.

pro-beam not only makes possible demanding welding seams but also enables their economical application through its specialised chamber designs with time-efficient processes.



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