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The alternative: The electron beam - faster and more cost effective

pro-beam produces Trent jet engine parts for Rolls Royce

The aviation and aerospace industry - in almost no other industry are the requirements are so high – with complex processes demanding the highest safety requirements while being under increasing cost pressure. Parts for modern Turbo-fan jet engines are manufactured by casting – a process with very long delivery times and high production costs.

pro-beams´ fast and low-cost alternative: the parts, clamped in a jig, are produced in separate segments to be later joined by electron beam welding to form the complete component.

The EB process time for just one such component could be up to 8 hours with manual handling. This time is more than halved to under 4 hours by using automatic EB welding with self-regulating joint tracking.

Halve the process time while reducing costs: use the "electron beam" alternative!


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