Electron Beam Systems CAMline

Extremely high output with small floor space requirement

pro-beam CAMline airlock rotary transfer system concept

CAMline: Short lead times, targeted heat input and heat treatment of final-machined components in the production line

The Audi Valvelift system, in use since 2006 in almost all Audi FSI - and TFSI engines assures fuel savings while delivering high power.

probeam uses the electron beam as heat treatment equipment for AVS cams.

Previously only the wear surfaces of the highly stressed single cam or cam shafts were hardened during manufacture by electron beam. Nowadays, other functional areas, depending on load, are also hardened with a targeted short term edge coating treatment. This well-proven procedure increases the wear resistance and thus extends the product life. It was developed by pro-beam in co-operation with the customer ready for large-scale production and then implemented into mass production.

pro-beam benefits

  • loading and pump-down carried out in parallel 
  • automation and EB-supported processes integrated on the machine platform
  • installation conditions can be flexibly customised into an integrated plant layout 
  • manual loading or interlinked production cycle time possible
  • exact, repeatable hardening results 
  • low unit costs together with the shortest possible cycle times

Innovative co-operation factor

The successful collaboration between scientific institutions and companies forms a crucial basis for the foundation and growth of innovations, as demonstrated by the co-operative work with the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and pro-beam.

In the framework of a three way cooperative project between the Institute of Materials Engineering, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, pro-beam systems GmbH, Neukirchen, and Zenker Consult, Mittweida, applying electron beam technology to the surface layer treatment of AVS (Audi Valvelift System) components. This development work led to the successful introduction into full production.

Since late 2008, the institute has a operated a facility specifically for surface treatments and continues to further develop the technology with pro-beam systems.

The plant, provided by pro-beam GmbH, meets the highest technical requirements and allows the institute to continue with their research and development activities.

This excellent cooperation is also enriched with regular technical exchanges. During visits to pro-beam the cornerstone for future joint research and development work may be secured.


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