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Innovative electron beam technology - local vacuum, the modern alternative

pro-beam makes a significant contribution to the biggest research project in the world

The provision of future energy needs is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. A possible solution is to produce energy from the nuclear fusion process which goes on in the Sun. In order to demonstrate this technical feasibility the ITER project, the world's largest scientific cooperation, is building the largest machine ever built by humankind.


Components for the construction of this experimental plant are providing engineers worldwide with great challenges.


One of these challenges is the D-shaped radial plates for the superconducting field coils used for plasma control. pro-beam successfully developed and implemented a new machine concept for the welding of these huge components.

In contrast to existing approaches in which the entire workpiece sits in a vacuum chamber, by creating a local vacuum the pro-beam machine is able to operate only around the component welding area. The core of the machine is a mobile vacuum chamber that completely encapsulates the component. Utilising an external generator, the electron beam can be precisely aimed at the correct seam position. 

pro-beam supported the client from the initial idea up to the working machine in the production site and thus has had a real contribution for the project which may ensure the world's future energy production.

Use pro-beam for

  • clearly lower investing costs
  • effective working methods
  • flexibility for large components
  • innovative techniques used to produce high quality welds

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