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Flexibility in response to continually changing requirements

High-quality, flexible solutions with the pro-beam 'Lock' electron beam system

The customers challenge pro-beam to deliver against a continually changing assortment of components with different batch sizes and wide ranges of welding applications. 

The air lock provides an efficient machine concept solution while also meeting requirements for short change-over times, high production throughput for large batch sizes and minimum downtime for operations such as component exchange, evacuation and workpiece transport.

pro-beam has very successfully applied this principle for several decades for their subcontracting business and in industrial mass production for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Use pro-beam for

  • maximum flexibility for processing different component geometries 
  • minimal downtimes yielding maximum productivity
  • high movement precision using NC process steps
  • minimum component cycle time by using suitable jigging
  • constant machining conditions through a separated processing chamber
  • inclusion of all pro-beam EB technology technical features (automatic beam steering/ electron microscopy observation/offline seam tracking/scanning-like welding/multi process technology/quality control / parameter collection etc.)


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