pro-beam scores points for the railway system

A quantum leap – the development of a technology combination of electron beam welding and UMH heating

Trains have experienced a worldwide Renaissance with high speed transport over long distances providing the powerful backbone for urban transport systems. 

Over 70,000 sets of points are installed on the German rail network system. 

Two tracks are joined or separated at these points - the core of the crossover system is the merging of the tip and the two wing rails.

With the development of a production line with a technology combination of electron beam welding and UMH heating, the engineers and technicians of pro beam have succeeded in achieving a quantum leap in the mass production of the rigid core of frog points.

For this production line pro-beam guarantees the best welded joint quality combined with fast turnaround by using the innovative technology of electron microscopy monitoring and online seam correction with minimal distortion.

Use pro-beam for

  • state of the art manufacturing technology ensures top product quality combined with substantial cost savings
  • optimal combination of heating and welding technologies
  • maximum flexibility for processing different core geometries 
  • short vacuum pump down times 
  • efficient UMH technology


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