Laser systems - pro beam starts where conventional laser welding processes reach their limits

The latest advance in process technology:

Only the best of everything: the in-vacuum technique of electron beam welding and laser welding combine to produce laser welding in vacuum. To be able to achieve tight production tolerances, exact process parameters and high quality specifications, pro-beam has developed a real alternative to conventional laser welding: laser-welding in vacuum.

Laser beam welding in air is difficult to control due to the ejection of streams of plasma containing metal vapour spatter.

pro-beam has collaborated with the company Trumpf laser and Systemtechnik GmbH and the Institute for joining and welding technology of the Technical University of Braunschweig to develop a procedure that combines the advantages of laser welding with solid state lasers and welding in vacuum.

The economic advantages of laser beam welding are combined with the benefits of welding in vacuum using a targeted process control.  

The procedure provides a tremendous opportunity for laser material processing with the development of many new applications.

pro-beam benefits

  • reduced tendency to spatter 
  • improved energy coupling 
  • measurable, high quality results even with materials which are normally weldable only to a limited extent 
  • simple maintenance and service 
  • efficiency improvement 
  • applicable to multiple workstations

Read here the fascinating article in the Trumpf laser magazine – the laser community - and learn more about the joint research project.  

The entire booklet, with the pro-beam contribution on page 7, is available for download here




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