Why always either or?

„Emerging challenges necessitate new ways“. The innovative achievement of laser beam welding under reduced pressure is without a doubt a new approach that – according to Gottfried Niebaum - arose from a special challenge.

On the occasion of the series-production readiness of the second laser beam line, the men of action came together in the pro-beam systems GmbH in Neukirchen, to say a fitting farewell to their creation.

The roots of the laser beam welding under reduced pressure lie in the year 2009.
Dr. Löwer, member of the pro-beam executive board and Mr. Löffler, managing director of the TRUMPF Lasertechnik GmbH, fantasized about what might happen if the disc laser would weld in a similar environment like the electron beam – so in vacuum or at least under reduced pressure.

Two years after the two gentlemen’s fantasizing, extensive examinations by pro-beam, TRUMPF and the Institute for Joining and Welding Technology (ifs) of the TU Braunschweig around Prof. Dilger, could show the enormous potentials of laser beam welding under reduced pressure. All stakeholders agreed that this demands a rapid implementation and disponsability for the industry in terms of serial produktion suitable welding systems.

No sooner said than done! As result of the extensive examinations of the laser beam welding under reduced pressure by pro-beam, TRUMPF and ifs large chamber systems for the welding of transmission parts for a OEM came into being –  already after two years of research work.      

It is key that there is already a first system running in serial operation for a large carmaker, smoothly producing up to 3.000 control wheels per day to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

It remains to be hoped that the gentlemen give free reign to their imagination in the subsequent discussion  and instead of an “either/or” way of thinking – ask the question of how to create efficient systems, that combine laser beam welding at atmospheric pressure with welding at low pressure.




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