UMH heating systems

UMH heating systems

pro-beam heating systems use uniform magnetic heating (UMH) for fast homogeneous heating

Workpiece pre-heating enhances electron and laser beam welding and surface treatment processes. A pro-beam UMH plant can be integrated into complex production lines, e.g. for the automotive industry, or can also be used stand-alone for workpiece heating and demagnetization. Homogeneous magnetic heating assists the optimisation of production processes for quality products.

Since a UMH system can simultaneously heat several components with a cycle time of 12 seconds, it can be seamlessly introduced into an automotive industry gear production line. Using pro-beam UMH heating, ten centimetres diameter steel gears reach working temperature in only ten seconds. Both components are heated with a uniformly distributed temperature.

With the UMH process the sensitive teeth on the gear rim are not overheated. Because there is no formation of a thermal gradient, the components remain free of internal stresses, leading to durable components with perfect welds.

Use pro-beam for

  • high efficiency 
  • repeatable heating temperature (+/-5 ° C, depending on component geometry) 
  • no water cooling coils required
  • for automation, the loading concept may be different for varying component geometries
  • laser welding of crack-critical materials possible without additional material using targeted UMH preheating
  • reliable electron beam welding of hardened materials using targeted preheating with an integrated demagnetizing process
  • smooth, stress-free heating

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