With accuracy: always be exact - use experience and encourage creativity


Our policy


pro-beam considers precision to be of fundamental importance. Our customers have come to expect technologically sophisticated and reliable products and services from such a market leader for electron beam technology. We are sure to maintain our high benchmark for reliability and customer orientation. We go systematically forwards, basing our work on a healthy curiosity and the urge for improvement, continuously developing and supporting our projects and long-term business.

At pro-beam, we combine experience and creativity to identify proven applications and to create new ones for production processes or materials, whether the forms of cooperation are in-house or client/partner-based. At pro-beam we set clear standards while giving room for participants to think "outside the box". We have grown to become clear market leaders in electron beam technology: join us to experience working with dedicated and seasoned teams who maintain high precision, maintaining established standards while being able to think creatively.