Fusion for Energy Celebrates 10 Years

“Fusion for Energy,” the organization for the coordination of the European contribution to ITER, celebrated its 10th anniversary at an event held in Barcelona. Over 500 guests gathered to participate in this event, including pro-beam as a contributing company in the European network. During the podium discussion, Dr. Thorsten Löwer, Chief Development Manager at pro-beam, described how important it was for his company to bring expertise into the massive project and to become familiar with new markets.


Together with China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States, Fusion for Energy developed the fusion reactor ITER, which is intended to serve as a new type of energy source. One of the main tasks is the development and provisioning of technological components as well as maintenance and construction services for ITER. To accomplish this, the organization cooperates with small and medium-sized industrial firms and research organizations.

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