Stadtwerke Burg visited the pro-beam plant

One of pro-beam's most spectacular projects is the collaboration on the ITER international nuclear fusion reactor. ITER is the world's largest research project. The goal is to prove the feasibility of nuclear fusion. In a container located in a reactor weighing 8000 tons, it is hoped that plasma, which is heated to a temperature of 150 million degrees Celsius, creates energy. The sun has served as an inspiration and a model.

At the location in Burg, the electron beam specialists are welding five of the boiler's new sectors. When the topic is energy procurement, anyone who works on this type of major project needs a reliable partner. The Stadtwerke Burg visited the pro-beam plant.


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Kundenzeitschrift der Stadtwerk Burg / Ausgabe 1-2017 
Author: Kai Bieler
Photograph: Bertram Bölkow