Successful speech at the Technical University “Bergakademie” in Freiberg

Dr. Rudolf Konya, ITER Project Manager at pro-beam, lectured at the fourth colloquium for thermal electron beam technologies. His presentation described how electron beams are used in the building of the ITER nuclear fusion reactor.

The reactor is one of the most complex systems in the world, placing the highest demands on humans, the machinery and production. There is a reason why electron beam technology has become a significant component in manufacturing in this field. The decisive factors were: a high level of dimensional accuracy, very good mechanical characteristics, efficient production and a high level of productivity. These aspects can be ideally implemented using electron beam technology.

Over the past twelve years, the colloquium has been held every three years. The program features scientific presentations as well as practical applications. The goal of the event is to network science and industry and to present current research results.