The starting gun has gone off! pro-beam is pleased to announce the successful welding of the first ITER parts on the K6000 in Burg.

All present were waiting to see the results after opening the door of the huge chamber K6000 in Burg.  After long and intensive preparations, it had finally happened: the first component at the heart of the ITER reactor, namely the vacuum vessel, was welded in vacuum with an electron beam.

There was great elation when a clearly excellent and clean weld was seen. Later X-ray inspection proved that the weld was outstanding and met all the quality requirements.  Electron beam welding had thus justifies the trust placed in this technology and played its trump cards – energy-saving and deformation-resistant welding combined with high welding speed. Many people including engineers, inspectors and machine operators were involved in this success.
They readily took on overtime in order to make the impossible possible and gain this successful result.  The combined achievement of this milestone for pro-beam was celebrated accordingly. But nobody is resting on their laurels because all are aware that it was only the first two seams out of a total of 2800 electron beam welded seams required on this ITER project before pro-beam is finished. We are pleased to provide you with this exciting intermediate information.