EB- Professional – next workshop will prospectively be in autumn 2015

EB-professional - what do you experience?  

30 participants will be immersed in the world of electron beam technology

For an EB professional there is much to be amazed at and learn from in the seminar at pro-beam in Burg near Magdeburg. About 30 professionals will participate in interesting presentations, discussions and practical exercises.

The 2 ½ day seminar introduces new insights for the participants which includes networking with stimulating discussions, making the seminar a very special event.

The aim of the seminar is to educate company staff into competent EB professionals, able to recognise clearly the benefits of electron beam technology.

A participant in EB professionals 2013 reported that...

“participation was a great asset for our firm ALIMEX” 


“First I would like to thank pro-beam once again.  The company presented itself very professionally and also as guests we could actually feel the high level of pro-beam staff motivation. The wide-ranging portfolio and deep seminar content were really inspiring. With these newly-gained insights ALIMEX is now able to advise their customers about EB in an seriously targeted way.”

“A number of previously unknown applications has been discovered for the ALIMEX material ACP 5080 alone. Due to the meeting of minds with other industries, new ideas could be discussed straight away and incorporated into fresh applications.  This seminar brought networking to the fore in the area of EB. I hope that this form of seminar is further continued and developed by pro-beam.”

A very special journey of discovery

The EB professionals program included electron beam technology basics, design and material applications, as well as practical procedures at the pro-beam facility.

As senior lecturer that for our upcoming seminar we are especially grateful to welcome Professor Klaus Dilger, from the Welding Technology Institute, Technical University Braunschweig, who represents the on-going collaboration between research and industry in EB technology.

In addition to scientific innovations in EB technology, direct application possibilities and current examples will be the focus of the seminar. Thus the participants will get the chance to learn how to apply their new knowledge in their work and so become the EB professional in their company.