Micro-drilled filter media for the industrial production of plant-based foods and beverages

Functional foods, milk alternatives or juices: In most cases, plant-based products are made from raw materials that include natural fibers. In the manufacturing process, these must be reliably separated in order to meet high customer requirements and avoid negatively influencing the taste experience later on. At the same time, manufacturers must also keep in mind strict regulations and standards in terms of hygiene and food safety.

Examples: Plant-based drinks and fruit juice

In the production of plant-based drinks, for example, whether based on soy, oats or almonds, it is important to avoid a “rough” and “sandy” consistency in the end product. The reliable separation of insoluble and thus indigestible fiber components from the plant milk, for example with the aid of centrifuges, is therefore a relevant process step.

This is similar in the production of fruit juice: In order to obtain a high-quality product, as many solids as possible, whether from pome fruits, stone fruits or vegetables, must be thoroughly separated from the liquid during the juice production step.

Reliable separation of plant fibers

The process of plant fiber separation requires filter media that are truly reliable. Micro-drilled screen and filter media from pro-beam are suitable for use in a wide variety of systems. The perforated stainless steel sheets have very fine permeability with conical holes and smooth surfaces. This ensures optimum separation during fiber separation because the plant fibers cannot simply pass through the round and fine holes. As a result, the enjoyment experience is smooth, pure and fine, and fibers in the final product that interfere with mouthfeel can be avoided.

Easy to clean and longer durability

In addition to the thorough separation of plant fibers, users also benefit from other factors: For example, the separation elements are easy to clean and can even be freed of fibrous materials without any problems. In addition, they can also be integrated into CIP- and SIP-capable production lines, thus maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

The filters and screens are also robust, dimensionally stable and suitable for long-term use even under mechanical stress.

Micro-drilled stainless steel filter media are thus particularly suited for very high hygiene and safety requirements as well as for high-quality standards with regard to enjoyment.

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