Podcast Druckwelle: Electrons instead of photons

Episode 31 (04.11.2021): Electrons instead of photons

When metal parts are to be printed in an industrial environment, powder bed-based laser melting is usually the method of choice. But there are alternatives, such as electron beam melting. The advantage is that the energy introduced is better absorbed by the material. In addition, the beam is not deflected by mirrors, but in the magnetic field. This means that the load capacity of galvo scanners does not have to be taken into account. In this way, the buildup rate can be significantly increased.

The electron beam can also perform well in wire-based buildup welding. How this works - and where the differences lie compared to arc welding - is explained by Dr. Thorsten Löwer, CTO of pro-beam GmbH & Co. KGaA, in this episode.


(published at Druckwelle – ingenieur.de, podcast on Spotify)