The RT 165 hardening system was designed for the partial hardening of surfaces which are subject to high mechanical stress and is ideally suited for the large-scale production of components with similar geometries such as engines or chassis components.

With cycle times of 10 - 20 seconds in single piece flow, corrosion and wear behavior can be optimized within a short period of time. The small footprint of the hardening machine saves space and the modular design ensures that it can be upgraded at any time for additional processes.

At a glance

  • Highly productive system with short cycle times
  • Ideal for large-scale production of components with similar geometries
  • Manual or fully automated loading
  • Various workpiece holders available

Technical data

Workpiece dimensions:
Diameters up to 150 mm, height up to 100 mm
Max. high voltage:
60 kV
Beam power:
6 kW

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