Thin film process especially for metallic and ceramic materials

DLC coating (diamond-like carbon) protects components and tools against wear using a diamond-like carbon layer. It ensures durability and decreases loss of performance, especially where surfaces move against each other and create friction.

The diadur®DLC coating developed by pro-beam has been tried and tested in decades of successful application. It is based on a modern and environmentally-friendly plasma process. It combines high micro-hardness with excellent dynamic friction properties and is suitable for metallic and ceramic materials. The thermal stress is below 150 °C to preserve the properties of the source material. The result: No loss of durability or warping. diadur®DLC is well suited for geometrically complex components.



The advantages of the diadur®DLC coating

  • Optimum wear protection for components and tools through a DLC layer
  • Increased product service life
  • In connection with the application of products: Reduced friction, reduced loss of performance and less use of lubrication
  • Suitable for ceramic materials (e.g. SiC, Al2O3), light metals, non-ferrous metals and all steels
  • Bio-compatible and well suited for applications in medical and food engineering
  • Reproducible quality thanks to fully automated process control

Our services in connection with DLC coatings:

  • 24h coating service
  • Sample and prototype processing
  • Coating of individual components, medium- and large-scale production
  • Measurement and test technology for thin layers

Coatings for the following industries

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Research and development

Application examples

Coating of diverse materials
Dielectric materials, light metals, non-ferrous metals, all steels, ceramics
Coating of components with a length up to 1,300 mm

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