EB welding meets the highest quality requirements

Aerospace is one of the most demanding industries when it comes to quality requirements. Materials, products and manufacturing processes are subject to the highest standards in terms of safety and reliability. This also includes the welding of aerospace components.

As a long-time service provider for aerospace companies, pro-beam knows and fulfills all mandatory international standards, guidelines and quality standards in their welding processes. Industry experts have confirmed this by granting NADCAP certification.

NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a globally recognized accreditation program of the American Performance Review Institute. Its mission is to ensure the safety and reliability of products and processes in the aerospace and defense industries. In order to obtain said certification, a complete audit of our welding process was performed, and it was found to be reliable as well as suitable for the respective industry requirements, thus earning us the NADCAP certificate. This enables potential new customers to recognize more quickly that pro-beam will be a reliable partner for their aerospace applications.

Along with our successful collaborations with manufacturers from the industry, this certification is also further proof of our commitment to the highest quality standards. Our EB welding process stands for high process and seam quality – regardless of whether it's used for the aerospace, automotive or energy industries: The electron beam achieves precise and narrow seams even for complex components such as turbine vanes. The seams are subject to only minimal warping, thus eliminating costly post-processing.

The aerospace industry in which the lowest possible weight plays a major role frequently relies on titanium alloys. Materials that are very difficult to process. Here, the electron beam scores with its high energy input, thus ensuring reliable and durable metal compounds. Using our specially developed solutions such as automated seam tracking or multi-beam technology, the welding output can also be increased.

More information about our electron beam technology is found here: www.pro-beam.com/en/electron-beam/

Get an overview of our certifications, here: www.pro-beam.com/en/company/aboutpro-beam/quality/