Electron beam welding

Precision and reproducibility

Welding Description

Welding with an electron-beam produces very narrow and parallel seams with accurately reproducible depth. Since almost no lateral shrinkage or angular distortion or other workpiece distortions occur during or after the welding, sensitive or tight tolerance components retain their intrinsic dimensional characteristics. 


Application possibilities 

The application range is broad and deep; from welding fine films at high speed to joining >100 mm wall thickness work-pieces in a single operation. Almost all metallic materials and many material combinations can be joined with this method. 

Added value

Significant cost savings for mechanical components can often be gained by using more efficient construction part designs. Since the electron-beam delivers concentrated high power levels with great efficiency into the workpiece, very high welding speeds can be achieved. This yields exceptionally high productivity levels, especially in large-scale manufacture for the electrical and automotive industry. The precision and reproducibility of the electron beam can be used effectively for processing single parts and limited runs for air and aerospace, shipbuilding and railway engineering, etc. The reason for this economic benefit is thanks partly to the accurate and reliable electronic measurement and process control, making the procedure ideal for the automation of quality-controlled manufacturing processes.


pro-beam's strengths are your benefits: 

A safe and established welding technology with high reliability yielding strong economic benefits.

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