The innovative technology effect benefits the whole product cycle

pro-beams advanced technology makes possible improvements by clients at every stage of the product life cycle.

While companies making consumer products usually supply anonymous mass markets, producers for machine and plant construction makers generally deal with selected customers of tailor-made products.

Special challenges are presented by the custom development of machines and equipment engineering in high safety-related industries such as aviation and aerospace, automotive, nuclear engineering, etc.

For its customers, pro-beam design overviews the entire production process from engineering and contract manufacturing to the construction of modern plant engineering.

pro-beam designs, develops and builds systems according to customer requirements using as a basis their experience of proven technical solutions.
The innovations introduced by pro-beam affects more than the beginning of the life cycle of a product: engineers, machine operators and professionals with a wide knowledge of materials and their properties in the welding help at every stage with innovative ideas to achieve results for customers, drawing on their experience of over 40 years of applications in electron beam technology and its effects on product life cycle

Process engineering, production, assembly and service co-operate in unison to act as innovation drivers. 
Opening up possibilities to smooth out capacity bottlenecks through industrial pro-beam machines is one of the reasons that has convinced customers from many industries around the world to choose pro-beam as an innovative and reliable partner.


How do we do that?

We develop tailor-made solutions

pro-beam works closely together with customers from concept design to material selection to detailed design and manufacturing techniques.

pro-beam thinks with and about you.


Can we do something for you…?

Whether in small quantities or mass production, pro-beam can take responsibility for welding, hardening, drilling, coating processes for many and various industrial applications.

pro-beam can produce for you.


Can we do it…?

pro-beam equipment can be applied to various manufacturing processes from single machines to complete production systems.

We pride ourselves in delivering customer satisfaction with a guarantee of full functionality.


pro-beam can build it for you.

Service & Maintenance
Service & Maintenance

Can we take care of it…?

Our specialised service engineers work on-site for the maintenance and repair of your equipment and can also retro-fit and upgrade electron beam and vacuum systems. Among many other services, we can also provide you with support for spare parts management and staff training.

pro-beam looks after you.