It was specially designed for the electron beam welding of very large and heavy components and features an internal generator attached to a robot arm. This allows it to machine even complex geometries in a precise manner. The system can weld components with dimensions up to 6 x 6 x 14 m in dimension with a maximum weight of 100 t and an evacuation time of under 35 minutes.

The K 6000 welding machine can be equipped with a wire feeder for repair<br/> and build-up welding.

At a glance

  • Welding system for large and heavy components
  • Internal, robot-controlled generator for welding complex geometries
  • Precise workpiece movement
  • Short evacuation time of less than 35 minutes

Technical data

Chamber volume:
700 m³
Max. high voltage:
80 kV
Beam power:
40 kW
Regulated beam current:
0 to maximum 500 mA
Work space:
11,400 mm x 4,500 mm x 6,000 mm

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