Girls' Day: Discovering technical professions with future potential


On April 28, 2022, Girls' Day will finally take place live again. At pro-beam in Burg and Stollberg, interested schoolgirls will also have the opportunity to explore technical apprenticeships for themselves and gain insights into an innovative industrial company.

Girls' Day in Burg and Stollberg

At Girls' Day in Burg, for example, schoolgirls can look at the professions of industrial mechanic, warehouse specialist, machining mechanic, mechatronics technician and materials tester and find out more about the tasks involved. At Girls' Day in Stollberg, everything focuses on the two apprenticeships of mechatronics technician and industrial designer.

What to expect on site?

After getting to know each other, the participants will be given insights into production and technology during a company tour. Afterwards, they visit the respective departments, where they can actively assist and ask employees any questions they may have about the profession. In this way, the schoolgirls have the chance to gain insights into everyday working life, to test their skills in practice and to motivate themselves for a profession that is rather untypical for girls. After a short feedback round and a presentation of the application process at pro-beam, the event ends at 2:30 pm.


Interested schoolgirls can register for Girls' Day in Burg or Stollberg directly via the Girls' Day website or via the contacts below (with details on the specific training occupation).

Burg: Stephanie Schröder, Tel.: 03921/72686-2049

Stollberg: Claudia Fuhrmann, Tel.: 037296/885-3035

Of course, we have a COVID19 concept so that all hygiene regulations are observed.