Using magnetic fields for the uniform heating of workpieces

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The next generation of UMH systems from pro-beam is more compact and significantly more flexible.

Gilching, Februar 2021 – Pre-heating of the material can be useful for ensuring the easy processing of metal components, e.g. for electron beam and laser beam welding as well as for surface technology processes. For this reason, the electron beam specialist pro-beam includes both e-beam systems as well as machines that ensure the efficient and fast heating of metal components in its portfolio. For this, the company relies on the low-frequency magnetic field technology Uniform Magnetic Heating (UMH), which is used to uniformly heat the workpiece with a high penetration depth. The company has optimized the S-Line, its smallest UMH system. It is now more compact and it offers a modular design with optional upgrades. The heating of workpieces is now possible in parallel to loading and unloading. At the same time, a tool change is now no longer required for up to three different workpiece interior diameters. It has also been possible to further reduce the auxiliary processing time because of this and other upgrades to the UMH systems. Another advantage for customers: Thanks to the high efficacy, less energy is consumed. And material usage is also optimized, leading to additional cost savings.

These UMH systems have already proven themselves over and over again. They prevent the feared overheating of sensitive areas; no thermal gradient is formed, thus no internal stresses. This prevents the formation of cracks. Thanks to low cycle times and the parallelization of heating and loading/unloading, a UMH system can be seamlessly integrated into complex production lines. Automatic heating operation as well as the demagnetization of workpieces is also possible.

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