High reproducibility and maximum productivity

Powerful, automated and highly digitized systems are the prerequisites for high productivity and quality in modern manufacturing processes. We implement customer-specific systems automation solutions for one-piece batches to high-volume manufacturing for welding, drilling and hardening processes. Our system technology guarantees a high level of automation, high reproducibility and maximum productivity. Thanks to the modular design, each system can be individually adapted to meet your own requirements – even when it is already operational. We develop all our system components ourselves and perfectly synchronize them to the process engineering application. 

Thanks to more than 45 years experience in process engineering, we are the perfect partner for our customers from the very start of the development process.

At a glance

  • From standalone to interlinked assembly lines
  • Systems to match your size of workpiece and scale of series production
  • Highly automated, digitally controllable and optimized for Industry 4.0 environments
  • Universal control unit for individual process control
  • EB vision image processing software for process visualization and automation
  • Customer service
Powerful base modules
Individual customization options
Powerful base modules

Various beam generators

  • Compact generator for mobile use in the processing chamber
  • High-performance generator (up to 150 kV) for high-end applications

Digitized high-voltage supply

With precise power control

Processing chamber

Available in various sizes, customized to your workpieces (from a few millimeters to several meters)

Universal control unit

  • Master CNC controller Siemens 840 DSL
    Synchronous table and beam movement, multiple interpolation
  • MultiMod controller
    Intelligent beam control in real time, freely programmable deflection figures,
    flexible beam modulation for universal process design.
  • Process data recording
    Real time recording of process-relevant data for quality assurances

EB vision

Smart software for process visualization and automation

Individual customization options

Various handling systems for workpiece processing

Modular system with various configuration options depending on the processing task (e.g. pallet systems, turn-tilt lifting equipment) expandable on demand

Various solutions to increase productivity through parallelization of: Equipment, evacuation and processing

For example, various gate shuttle systems and revolving tables

Efficient use of the processing space in the chamber

Thanks to generator displacement as an additional CNC axle

Multi-beam technology

The welding parameters and position of individual beams can be individually customized, e.g. for warpage minimization, productivity increase

Multi-process technology

Simultaneous use of multiple processes (e.g. pre-heating, welding and seam smoothing) in one work stage

Welding with additional material for 3D contours

For job and/or repair welding as well as build-up of structures on components

Our systems

Welding of various component sizes

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