Along with the electron beam, laser welding in a vacuum also offers an automated welding process including process parameter monitoring and reproducibility. As a specialist in welding processes in a vacuum, pro-beam offers laser systems that can be integrated into turnkey line solutions.

The interlinked and fully automated assembly line Gearline Laser is specially designed for the automotive industry. It integrates up to twelve different work steps such as automatic component loading, washing, joining, pre-heating and demagnetization.

As a modern assembly line with a wide functional range, the Gearline Laser is well suited for the batch production of component families with the same weld seam geometry. It can be set up in a linear shape or a U-shape.

At a glance

  • Fully automated assembly line for laser welding
  • Integration of up to 12 work processes
  • Production of up to 4,000 parts per day
  • Several additional functions can be integrated (e.g. testing processes)

Technical data

Workpiece dimensions:
Diameters up to 200 mm, height up to 100 mm
Laser power:
Up to 8 kW

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