This system requires less space thanks to its small footprint. In addition, relocation of equipment is easy, as all elements are mounted on one frame. This helps to facilitate transport and installation.

The standard equipment comes with a turning device for the processing of small, medium and large cylindrical components. The system is also available with an optional gate shuttle system for loading and unloading of components during production to increase productivity and availability.

At a glance

  • Compact version with a minimum footprint
  • Easy relocation
  • Ideal for prototype and small-batch production as well as research and development
  • Optionally available with a gate shuttle system

Technical data

Chamber volume:
0.2 m³
Max. high voltage:
60 kV
Beam power:
6 kW
Regulated beam current:
0 to maximum 500 mA
Work space:
800 mm x 500 mm x 450 mm

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